I cannot understand the negative comments here. We took out a Lifetime policy for our cat when she was 6 years old. The following year she developed a skin condition which turned out to be the result of an allergy to human hair and dander (basically, our cat was allergic to people!). She was initially put on steroids but as she put on 2 kilos in 5 days she had to come off them. She needed an ultrasound scan to ensure the weight wasn't due to kidney problems and she needed to go on to a quite expensive medication which she needed daily for the rest of her life. Put in the first claim at 4pm Monday afternoon through the Pawtal system at the vet. Claim was accepted and paid by 10:00 am Tuesday! Every subsequent claim was accepted and dealt with just as quickly. As it was a lifelong condition we expected the premium to go up on renewal, which it did, but only by a small amount and a subsequent 20% co-pay on claims relating to that condition. As the insurance including the co-pay still worked out far cheaper than paying for the meds we were very happy to renew the policy. When our cat died after being hit by a car Animal Friends sent us a lovely condolence card. I would happily recommend this insurer and I know of many other cat owners who have said the same.




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