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Don't bother they don't pay out, when your policy ends you cancel then they still take a years worth of insurance out for two pets. Then tell you it takes 3-5 working days after your policy ends to pay you back. I'm waiting on a £350 refund, I'm down £360 for the original policy & £470 for my dogs operation. No thank you e&l


Bichon Frise


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Posted: 07/06/2018

Hi, for the those having problems with this rubbish company, please follow these instructions, and I am sure you will have a changed attitude in the cavalier war they treat the FSA.

Go to the Financial Ombudsman Service website - on the tabs at the top select "How to complain" You will see steps 1 - 2.

Follow these implicitly and in your correspondence include "Complaint Requiring final response."

Also, there is a freephone number ring and tell them your story the people the better.

If you use email - the email address is only on your policy not on the website (I wonder why).

As it states on the website, they have eight weeks to reply - I am sure this will be a lot quicker.

The Financial Ombudsman Service has teeth, not like some that you have to deal with - happy hunting any successes post a comment on this review, and it may inspire others to stand up to this firm.