Waste of money


On January 22nd 2018 my dog sadly passed away.
Paying £21.00 month to this company E&L I thought after having test for my dog and to fing out how I'll she was the vet had given me no option to have my dog put to sleep I was so devastated.
Straight away my vets asked are you insured as I was told £160 to be paid then when it came to say my good by to my dog I was hit with the bill of £600.
I never new I had to fourfit the bill first....
On the 2nd March was told that they will pay £303 as my dog was over 6 years old she was 12..i was told payment is awaiting process but due to there back log wasn't sure when I receive my payment.
It's now 21st March 2018 and received an email telling me that payment it waiting to be processed now 22nd March till waiting for payment...
This company are quick enough to take money but be prepared to wait a long time to receive any payment owing to the customer.
Legal advice it should only take 20 days to receive monies as the dogs passing was straight forward.
Pet insurance is not worth the paper it's written on my advice open a separate account with your bank for your animal paying monthly....Avoid like the plauge...


Staffordshire Bull Terrier


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