Unbelievable prices


I have a 3 month old Rottweiler puppy who weighs 15kg.

Pet plan are charging me £143 a month for him. that's nearly £2000 a year.

They also informed me that they do not pay out for death by illness after the pet is 5 years old. This is a very young age to stop covering illness, which most things come under other than a car hitting them or a horrific accident. That's incredible given that I'm paying more for my insurance this year than my dog cost in the first place.

My last Rottweiler only cost me around £1000 of vet fees in her entire life and had I insured her with petplan, it would have cost me £20,000-£40,000+ depending on how much their yearly increases and age increases were, and judging on the comments on here, the initial price will undoubtedly double or triple over a pets life as they age.

We've had quotes from other companies for MORE monetary cover in a vet claim for £50-£70 per month.

Why do petplan think they can charge this much? We trusted the vet and stuck with our 4 weeks free insurance that the gave us but now we will be cancelling and moving elsewhere. Even the Kennel Club insurance is less than half the price.

If I put all of that into a pot, I'd have enough to pay for almost every eventuality myself within a few years, and puppies are very cheap to treat due to their small size.

Think very carefully before you go with these con artists... I'm cancelling within my 14 day cooling off period and getting a refund. What a joke.




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Posted: 20/04/2018

Reading the reviews on Pet Plan I will be avoiding them at all costs.