More Than a Disappointment


My little moggy has been insured with More Than since November 2008. Until November 2016 I had never issued a claim. The cat was healthy and happy until she suddenly became very ill one morning and was rushed into emergency with a kidney blockage which had killed the kidney. This kidney was removed. She barely survived this surgery but has since made great progress. She has been diagnosed with Idiopathic hypercalcemia which is being managed with special diet and medication. A second calcium deposit had been building in the remaining kidney but with diet and medication it has slowed down the growth and will no doubt buy her a couple of more years on this earth. After the surgery, More Than increased our insurance premium from £125 per year to £507.96. MORE THAN DOUBLE. This cat has one kidney left. When that kidney goes she will die or have to be put down. NO other health issues, her biochemistry is normal. More Than have just issued my renewal quote and it is now £1,386.73! This is coming from a company who are no longer insuring this specific condition as they have paid out the full £8,000. It is clear the insurer increased the premium to unfairly profit from me or deter me from renewing. I have spoken to More Than today and they refuse to issue the details of the ruling or supporting documents. I am transparent with all my documentation which states my cat's biochemistry is normal. This is a five star defacto rated company (HOW??), who clearly push out or profit from longstanding customers who dare to claim. A ten percent increase would be deemed fair and reasonable but with More Than it's all about profit. More Than a disappointment!


Mixed Breed Cat


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Posted: 21/03/2018

Hi Caroline,

I am so sorry to hear about your precious fur baby. I have had the same experience with More Than. I have a lovely 4 year old Lab called Domino and we started at £19 a month when he was a youngster. Because he has dermatitis in three years it has went up to £120! I have no respect for More Than and I will tell you why. The people in the call centres are lovely and claims have always been paid. However, I wrote to them a week ago and advised them where I had reduced cost greatly and would still like to keep my relationship with them, I received no letter of acknowledgement just a new premium of £120. I know these companies have thousands of people to deal with but nonetheless they need to make the effort to stick with the people who have been with them for a while. I emailed a manager and asked why the prices had gone up so much and I got one word sentence with an offer of £4 reduction! They must be kidding. I spend 4 days working out that it will be cheaper to stop my policy with More Than and take out another one with another company, his pre-existing won't be covered and I will pay out of my own pocket £700-800 a year for his treatment for his allergies/dermatitis. Out of all the policies I have decided to take a policy out with Bought by Many: they are giving me £8,000 a more than More Than did for vets fees, they cover even cruciate ligament problems which I didn't realise More Than did not! They even pay for stem cell therapy etc. I even took the time to send More Than a cheque for £73 which my vet had claimed for twice, so I asked my vet for it back and gave it back to More Than I never even received a thank you. Greedy comes to mind!

Posted: 29/03/2018

Thank you Margaret. There is no good reason for More Than to charge so much once a claim is made. It's disproportionate. They are focused on more mature home owners who will do anything for their pets. No one will be as attached to a house or car, they know pet owners will pay. Shame on them and this practice of theirs should be outed! Take your business elsewhere.

More Than posted their 2016 profits of £655m. You think they could behave in a fair and reasonable manner when it comes to their Pet Insurance section. They don't care about pets, only profits.

£655m Operating profit
14.2% Underlying return on tangible equity