Disgusted, I will never use a tescos product again


I have received my pet insurance renewal today for my 2 cats. Sadly, one of them passed away. I rang tescos to take the one that died off the policy. The renewal amount was £501.24 for the one that passed away and £405.99 for the living one. This is an increase from last year of £280.54, but this is not what I want to rant about. When I said I wanted to take the deceased pet off the insurance I was told the living pets insurance would go up to £527.36. when I questioned this I was told by that it was because I had lost the 10% discount for not having 2 pets. Well I'm no mathematician but I know that an increase of £121.37 is not 10%. When I questioned this again I was told it was because I only had one pet now. Needless to say I cancelled the remaining policy immediately. I will never ever use any tescos product in any way shape or form in the future preferring to cut both my arms and legs of instead!!!!


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