Very disappointed


Jack had a cruciate ligament operation last year his policy said 4,000 per condition per year . The surgeon who did the operation said he may or may not need another operation on the other leg later on in his life . I asked him how would this effect a later insurance claim if he did need an opperation as it did not mention this in my policy and he told me it would be a seperate condition. The surgery is owned by pets at home so I felt confident in his advice. Just over one year later Jack became lame on the other leg. Took him to Vets for Pets another company owned by Pets at home. They told me he needed sugery They never mentioned insurance cover or cost as they knew he was insured from the first operation I was still under the impression that he was covered so I happily went ahead with the surgery only to find out after he had had the operation that as he had already had cruciate ligament on his right leg the other leg was not covered . They sent me a revised policy telling this information after Jack had had the surgery. I have just cancelled the policy and have told my family to do the same that is four policies cancelled. I would like transparency in my policy and everyone singing from the same hymn sheet very disappointed


Springer Spaniel


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