First claim paid for years


Don't believe you will receive your voucher on sign up, if offered, you don't get it.
Increased charge cause moved house. Reason must live on a busier road, erm main A road to an estate, also vet fees would be more expensive, erm you don't know who my vet is and I now live nearer to them. Not a valid reason for increase.
First claim not paid out as we have in the interest of our dog and on advice from vet, decision to not immediately go for the operation and try medication first which we paid for, unfortunately, as soon as lump started to increase and irritate we had to have removed. Not expensive and wouldn't even go over my annual insurance charge.
Have cancelled insurance am going to open a savings account and set up a standing order for future bills.
I have for years paid into the unknown Tesco Charity


Shih Tzu


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