Don’t use Tesco for pet insurance


I have had my dog insured with Tesco for 11 yrs. they hiked up the policy by over 50% knowing that if I cancelled I wouldn’t get my dog insured by any other company because of her age. She died and I phoned to ask Re the amount I should get on the dead of a dog only to be told it doesn’t apply if your dog is over 9 yrs. as a company their mission stated is “we care” believe me they don’t. I would never recommend them as they are just out to make money.
Terrible company


Schnauzer - Standard


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Posted: 03/03/2018

Could not agree more l have two,dogs insured by Tesco for 14 years made a claim for one of the dogs who will now need insulin for the rest of his life insurance went from £84 to £132 and they only pay for 1 year l have to pay after. He also then went blind with cataracts the op for that is not covered they say as it is through his diabetis and another claim rejected so hike in costs for insurance £5000 paid for my dog to,get his sight back why do l have insurance