Avoid at all cost..they lie


I received my renewal through and as anyone went online to compare. I submitted the quotes with my dogs info 8yr old Rottweiler and legal and General came out at £42.43 per month for the exact same policy as I currently have and pay £59.12 for. During my current policy I had one claim for my dog of which they didn't pay out on the whole claim i ended up forking out £2200 of my own money aswell. My renewal increased to over £88 a month. I accepted the fact my policy would increase however the difference in cost I felt was unjustified. When I called them on the 3rd 4th and 5th Feb 2018 I was fobbed off and was told the increase is due to my dogs age breed and claim. Well this can not be the case as my claim increased my policy by £29.34 per month and not the £46 increase from what the policy is now being sold at. I made a formal complaint on the 5th Feb and was advised I would hear from the complaints department and the team leader Sammy would call me on the 19th Feb. This didn't materialise so yet again I was left chasing it. When I called on the 19th she had gone home and hadn't bothered. Another team leader told me she would call on the 20th after speaking to the complaints department, again this didn't materialise so yet again I chased it only to be our through to the complaints department to find no complaint was ever passed to them. This company has no care or compassion for customers and all about earning the money! Absolutely disgusting legal and General you should be ashamed of yourselves!!




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