Appalling Customer Service


I had Pet insurance before with this crowd and was appalled by their poor customer service. Once had a claim and waited and waited, had to chase many times to find out what was going on, replied to emails only if you chased and then took ages to respond, speak to anyone on the telephone and you can tell their knowledge and what exactly good customer service is, is in fact non existent. So when my policy came to an end I could not wait to get out.

Unfortunately a few years later being now, I decided to look around again for another Pet insurance and was fooled when I saw a Pet Insurance policy that looked great on paper and with Legal and General, who you would think would be ok as a reputable company. How wrong was I. It was only when my policy documents came through, showing the wrong date of birth that I made contact by email - again still not had a reply and when I phoned to ask for the date of birth to be changed for my dog, they could not do this simple task, said their computers were down and that another dept will have to do this. It would take a week and that my quote may be wrong now. So I either wait to get the date altered or I can take out a new policy but wont be entitled to any online discount! It was not my fault in the first place. I then called again the next day in the hope that the date of birth had been updated only to then be told that it won't be updated until the policy now comes into force, of which time they could not tell me what my premiums would be!!!! Still now reply to my initial email, so I told them to cancel my whole policy as I shall go elsewhere. This service sounded all to familiar of what I had experienced a few years ago and yes when I looked closer it was Ultimate Pet Partners. So you think you are dealing with Legal and General, when in actual fact you are not directly, yet with an utterly poor company called Ultimate Pet Partners, linked to Legal and General. Personally would not touch them, nor trust them with dealing with any potential pet claims, Incompetent, non existent customer service, poor attitude, unhelpful, unknowledgeable. Look elsewhere, I have since and so glad I did. Beware!!!!!




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