No quibbles. No Hassle


I have had my insurance policies with Vetsure for 2 1/2 years now, but only needed to make a claim recently. It seems these days that with insurance of any type, the process of claiming is drawn out, complicated, and you are made to feel like you have to prove you are genuine by being subjected to a process not unlike the Spanish Inquisition!
Well, I am delighted to say that the process of claiming through Vetsure was quick, straightforward, and efficient. The Vetsure staff are friendly and helpful, and Solo’s fees were covered before he even left the vet. Solo suffered an infection following his operation and I needed to take him back for antibiotics ... another bill covered straight away, no fuss, no hassle. All I needed to do was look after my poorly pup. I would not hesitate to recommend Vetsure to any of my friends and family.


Jack Russell Terrier


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