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We have had our dog insured on the Superior policy for six years.
March 2017 we made a claim for a short stay in hospital for a stomach upset. The total bill was £512 of which ASDA pet insurance paid only £292, and that was after numerous phone calls.
We have just received our invitation to renew her policy which has gone up by 72% from £552 to £951.
We have of course advised them as to where to put their renewal !


Labrador Retriever (Black)


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Posted: 10/04/2018

Totally agree with Jonathan. We submitted 2 claim forms on 12/03/18 via our Vet and today (10/04/18) we are still awaiting settlement. They have dragged their heels over payment, despite being assured on 03/04/18 that one of our claims is being treated as HIGH priority?
They have ignored E mails sent to them and clearly want to delay settling the claim for as long as they possibly can. As stated by others, we have been with Asda for over 10 years and this is they why they traet their Customers. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!