Problems with over charging +SKY HIGH premiums


As a loyal customer for 10 years with The Kennel Club I have decided to leave them. Premiums have doubled in 2018 and this does not seem fair. £1600 + 20% for my 10 year old dog. ( 1 claim in 10 years) Owners are caught out when their dogs reach an older age. Probably better off looking after your dog with a healthy lifestyle and saving the money. My concern with the underwriters Agria insurance is that they have a new computer system problem where they are taking higher premiums ( more money ) from customers for their renewals than indicated. This means customers may be unaware of this unless you notice. Agria need to repay the customer. They are only doing this if you contact them. Please check your bill if you renewed in Dec 2017 onwards. Agria need to give all this money back that they over charged not just wait for customers to contact them. Contacting them is very difficult as they don't answer the phone. Sad to see a premium brand go so low.


Toy Mixed Breed (1 - 10 lbs)


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