My little Rita had a dislocated shoulder which had to be put back in a couple weeks ago with ongoing laser treatment and orthopaedic shoulder brace to aid her recovery.
What I can say is that the whole time I have stayed in good communication with Emily on the claims team letting her know how my little girl was doing when asked.
Vetsure responds well via email and phone calls if needed .
Poor Emily even had to listen to me waffling on upset and angry while I told her how my original vet misdiagnosed Rita’s dislocation leaving her in pain for 3 days. Emily was very understanding and as I live alone it was nice to just speak and offload my upset to someone (THANK YOU Emily)
I have had no problems submitting my claim forms with vetsure .
They have paid out for Rita’s treatment with no problem .
I have found them very honest on the phone and very helpful...
Hoping I never have to claim again on any of my dogs as I’d rather pay the monthly insurance and have my dogs healthy and safe but as far as I’m concerned it’s money well spent regardless if you claim or not..
THANK YOU to everyone at vetsure especially Emily who I have dealt with on a couple of occasions and a big THANK YOU from my little Rita who is making good recovery xxxxxxx


Small Mixed Breed (11 - 30 lbs)


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