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Have taken out insurance but was disappointed that I was unable to get my free 5 weeks as the online form link via my vet appeared not to work and nobody called me back despite 2 requests. I hope the service if I need to use it is more reliable.




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Posted: 06/02/2018

Dear Mrs Firth,

We have looked into your account and can see you retrieved several quotes online, before taking out a live policy with us through our website.

We have checked your vet’s website and can confirm the information and links are being displayed correctly. There are in fact two links – one to enable you to get a quote and buy a policy online immediately and another which enables you to obtain ‘5 weeks free’. It is only with the latter that you receive a call back from us and due to the exclusive nature of this offer, it is only available following such a call back.

When checking your records we can see that you set up your policy via the first link – hence the lack of call back and 5 weeks free. We can completely understand the confusion that we have caused and are already looking at ways in which we can make this process clearer and easier for customers in the future.

Meanwhile, thank you for choosing Vetsure and taking the time to share your feedback.

Kind regards
The Vetsure Team

Posted: 02/06/2018

As you admit the website is confusing, it's a pity you didn't extend this lady's insurance by 5 weeks. Now that really would be 5* customer service