This company are cheap for a reason, they are hopeless. They take months to pay out but only after being hassled constantly, deduct everything they can and make every excuse they can to not pay out.
I would give them 0 if that were possible.
Seven months to be paid out in 'total'.
Our dog has had a very unlucky spell of illness, three conditions that we claimed for last summer (May, June and July), one we did not. We have incurred a total of £8,100 in vet bills, all we had to pay out to the vet as they don't do a direct service. So far after months of contacting them we had only received £2,900 back.
On 15th January we finally received their 'final' payment totalling £5,095
They told us twice the bills couldn't be paid directly via the vet but are now denying that.
We had to borrow money to pay the bills as we were told in 2016 and 2017 they don't pay direct to the vet.
We didn't claim for our dogs cancer which was diagnosed in July 2017 but they were very quick to tell us via email several times we were not covered because the vet bill was under the excess. This is why we did not claim for it!
I contacted them and told them it was very upsetting to receive emails mentioning the cancer (which is terminal) because we hadn't claimed for it.
When our dog ruptured his cruciate ligament two years ago they instantly sent us an email saying we wouldn't be covered if the second leg went. That did happen in June last year. The vet told us they couldn't say they wouldn't cover the second leg so we challenged that to be told the email was sent in error.
Staff shortages is their excuse. Poorly trained staff and understaffed is their problem but it became ours.
Our dog is dying of terminal cancer and we are still battling with them.
They offered us 2 free months insurance for a dog with probably only weeks to live, how insensitive is that?
Then they offered £100 which we rejected.
Now waiting for them to sign off our complaint so we can report them to the insurance ombudsman.
All I see is terrible reviews about this company, how are they still operating???


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