RIP off gangster threats from Tesco!


I have two rescued collies been with Tesco on joint policy for nearly ten years. Only had one minor claim after dog attack on Bess. Every year my policy has gone up, last year it was due to a change of address! Have you ever come across such a load of ? My policy was due for renewal on 1st January 18 when I received it they had actually doubled the price, so thought enough is enough can’t be asked with phoning them because it costs you loads. So I cancelled my DD for renewal thinking that’s the end of it.
I’ve now just received threatening and very rude letter from Tesco coming up with a figure of £1005.80, and if I don’t pay they will instruct a third party to help them do this!!! People stay away from Tesco, they have now stooped to a new low. I just feel a prat for all the money I’ve paid into them over the years and they come up with this crap.


Border Collie


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Posted: 12/03/2018


I have just had the same problem as you. They dont care about dogs just the money, i cancelled the insurance and got the same letters as you. I cancelled as I could not afford it any more at their prices and then they sent me another bill


Posted: 21/03/2018

Have the same threatning letter here and saying we owe money when infact we send a letter saying we were not renewing. What was the outcome of yoyr situation?