Robbing company and a waste of time


I have been paying in to animal friends for all of my dogs life and she turns nine in May this year, last week my dog needed a minor operation to remove a growth on her arm that had started as a tiny skin tag about a year and a half ago. The operation cost 300 pounds but when it came to claiming this animal friends said that because the skin tag appeared two years ago that was when I was on my old cover and because I updated my cover it had to be within 365 of my new cover??? Bare in mind they phoned me up when I was in work one day and encouraged me to update my cover, now I wish I hadn't. I explained that 2 years ago it was a small skin tag and was not a problem, now because it has grown into a larger growth it has become a problem, I questioned why they couldn't cover this when I have been paying in to them for years and they told me it doesn't matter how long I've paid in to it, it had to be within the 365 which I still don't understand. I've cancelled my policy and feel really let down and robbed, I am seeking a better more reliable company. This company should be shut down it is just taking people's money.


Medium Mixed Breed (31 - 59 lbs)


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Posted: 25/01/2018

Same happened to me, my dog had a wart ,confermed by vet over year ago,nothing to worry about, then after 12-18 months, wart seemed to change, took her to vet for test, turned out it was mast cell tumour, sorted now thankfully she’s had it removed, but Animal Friends refused to pay,saying the same, because the wart was found 1-2 years before, time had run out, we all love our pets,,how are we to know the vet may give wrong diagnosis, none of us ( or vet ) knew the wart was going to change.