Best insurance I’ve ever used


My pet was unexpectedly diagnosed with heart failure at the age of 4 and referred as an emergency to a specialist unit. I rang Vetsure and found them caring and very understanding of my situation whilst remaining professional.
They have proved amazing during this awful experience and kept in contact regularly.
They could not have been more helpful and the fact that they have settled the vets bills directly has been wonderful during this very upsetting time.
I have already recommended them to three people and will happily continue to do so.
My dog will need medication for whatever time he has left and it has been a comfort to know that unlike some insurers he will continue to be covered for this distressing illness.
My vet recommended Vetsure after a bad experience with our previous company who more than trebled our premiums after claiming a relatively small amount. I am so grateful that they did .


Labrador Retriever (Black)


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