Absolutely disgusted with M&S pet insurance. Been with them almost 12 years now with 2 dogs. 1 we had to let go to sleep in December, never claimed for him, his sister has had diabetes since march 2015. Daily injections of insulin & 2 monthly blood tests because of her age at 9. You pay £90.00 excess & they claim back 20% of our claim for her. Fair enough I thought when she hit 9. But where in the policy book does it say that now Lola is 11 years & 10 months old you can put her insurance up from £787.87 last year to £1,275.37 - a rise of £492.87 + £90.00 excess & 20%. What a con.


Bichon Frise


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Posted: 25/05/2018

I agree, ive been paying premiums for 15 years, had 3 claims and my renewal has gone up from £480 to £870 this year a rise of 40%. Always get fobbed off about age, postcode, rising cost of vets fees. well what about the excess and 20% of claims we have to pay???? I wont be able to afford itnext year god knows what it will cost. I felt sick when I saw the renewal letter last week, rang them, and they wouldn't budge on price or lower the cover to make it cheaper. Assholes.