Huge renewal increase


I have been with More Than for 2 years and just got a renewal through for year 3. I reduced the cover last year from Premium Lifetime £12,000 to Premium Lifetime £4,000 as the cost was increasing. This year for Premium Lifetime £4,000 it's increased from £530 to £710. My dog just turned 11 so I understand she's getting older but we've made no claims and she's a healthy dog. I've worked out if it increases by the same amount every year until she's 16 we would pay out £7,000 in insurance. That's not including an inevitable increase if we ever have to claim. I'd rather put that money aside. I did a quote online as a new customer and the same policy costs £1500 a year so it does pay to stick with a company when your dog gets older and they get to know it's history, that is if you don't make any claims of course!




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