Glad I checked reviews before jumping in!


Having been conned by several Insurance Companies in the past, I now carefully choose by reading the reviews first.
I can honestly say that after reading the reviews on here of this company (which is highly promoted by Vet's and the Kennel Club) I am beginning to wonder why these complaints have not been investigated by the Trading Standards people or even the Fraud Bureau! It is nothing but exploitation of the vulnerable, who care for their animals and see them as an extended family member. This company should be sued and closed down for this. And I for one will definitely NOT be wasting my money with them.




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Posted: 11/02/2018

We were also recommended by our vet's. When we tried to explain that we knew we'd taken out a particular policy they said they'd "changed the website" and refused to discuss. We are hugely out of pocket and very upset. Changing to

Posted: 13/02/2018

Hi Kathryn. did you use boughtbymany?

Posted: 27/06/2018

Mrs Lowe ,thank you for your review. I am in complete agreement with you. I'm having a difficult time with a claim
but I will see it through hopefully with the help from my vet.
Customer service team appear to block conversation, and go round in circles. I have now registered a formal complaint.