Absolutely rip off


As many others on here have detailed the insurance premium increases are ridiculous. My daughter insured her Shar Pei rescue dog at an already inflated price (because he was classified as pedigree, so increased the premiums even though they wouldn't actually cover the main reason the breed are expensive to insure (entropion) as he'd already had the operation on both eyes - sadly all pet insurers seemed to do the same thing and she chose them as the least expensive 'lifetime' policy with good cover.

The premiums increased only steadily for the first couple of years, but last year there was a sudden 25% rise which coincided with the age that we could no longer get lifetime cover from anyone else. Have just had this year's renewal with a further 45% increase. That's an 82% increase in two years as soon as we were 'tied in' despite, as others here have experienced, never having made a claim.

I'm about to write to Rip Off Britain, along with anyone else I can think of.


Shar Pei


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Posted: 27/12/2017

I've just had the same with a whopping £1000 added to my annual premium with no justification. I have no option but to find another insurer after 6 years with argos.