Constantly raises premiums with no claims


I have had PetPlan insurance for my almost 9 year old Shiba Inu since 2009 - premium history is:
12/1/2010 £300.34
12/1/2011 £345.74
12/1/2013 £432.18
12/1/2014 £513.21
12/1/2015 £641.51
12/1/2016 £776.25
12/1/2017 £985.23
So up almost 320% in 8 years with NO claims! It's crazy....I did call about it a few years ago and they said as the pet ages it goes up.....well they should factor that in on the front end and build into premiums rather than increase every year. At this point my dog is nearly 9 and the chances are greater that he will need I don't want to cancel. But I'm almost £4,000 in so could have just saved that on my own and paid for anything that might potentially happen. Hoping I never need it but now afraid to cancel in case I do. I don't think I'll ever buy pet insurance again.


Shiba Inu


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Posted: 06/02/2018

I completely agree with everything Jodie said. I took out 'life' cover because I was misled into believing the premium doesn't go up. However, it goes up every year and I am now paying £30 pm for a very healthy 6 year old cross breed. I am not sure whether it was the staff at the vets (are they on commission?) or Petplan who misled me, but I was definitely told it wouldn't go up with this cover. I have never made a claim either and feel exactly the same, that you would be better off paying into a savings account specifically for that purpose, then if you don't need to claim you still have your cash!

Posted: 11/02/2018

I also feel my vet's should not promote PetPlan because I trust my vet to look after my dog's welfare and I trusted their judgement on insurance! Are they rewarded for this I wonder? It certainly needs investigating.

Posted: 20/03/2018

My quote for a 3 month old Rottweiler puppy who weights 15kg is £143.62 PER MONTH

This is insane, but I'm stuck with them as he was diagnosed with a grade 1 heart murmur in his 4 weeks free cover provided by the vets. That's about £2000 a year before any yearly inflation or age related rises are taken into consideration.

Once he has been cleared of his growth related heart murmur (they usually go away with age) I will be moving. I've been quoted by several other companies for £50-80 a month for the same or more vet fee cover.

It's literally daylight robbery. If he lives until ten years old it would be £20,000 plus inflation and age increases....