I wil NEVER recommend this company


My beloved beautiful English Bulldog Pearl was put to sleep yesterday and today still in tears I am about to cancel the other three dog policies we have with this literal Rip Off company - as I put it to them on the phone.. the more you love your pet, look after them and get them to old age the more you penalise us. Each year her premium shot up and is (or was) £95 per month, AND I was told basically if I'd had her put to sleep at 8 then they would pay out for things, but as our beautiful girl managed a life of 10 years before our devastated family had to let her go we get ........ nothing! We are very lucky and can afford to do what we want to say goodbye to her, but people in a less fortunate position are left with this agonising situation AND no financial support. In short get rid of your dog when they are younger and we'll pay you. Love them and keep them for years ...... we aren't interested! PLEASE steer clear.


English Bulldog


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