Seemingly reputable and honest company


We have 2 female moggies, one 12 and the other 10. Other than routine vaccination neither of them has had to visit the vet since they were spayed! Both have been insured from the outset with Petplan but the renewal price this year rocketed and was actually twice the cost of our house and contents insurance!!! After extensive trawling on the internet we came across Lifetime through a comparison site and based on the company info and excellent reviews we made the switch. The online process was simple and the cost for comparable cover was very competitive. We do note that almost all the reviews relate to the sign-up and not to actual claims experience (including this one)but all the indications are that we are dealing with a seemingly reputable and honest company, so if we do ever make a claim we are fairly confident it will be honoured. Our male cat remains insured with Petplan as he has quite a treatment history and to be fair we have never had a problem getting claims settled by Petplan but the renewal costs for two healthy cats who've never needed treatment were ludicrous.


Mixed Breed Cat


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