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After the impromptu death of my beloved dog, despite having informed his insurer (Petplan), they bombarded me with calls about why I had cancelled the Direct debit, and policy! Not a word of condolence or apology was uttered from them in the 3 months this went on.
So when we decided to get our new puppy ‘Nettle’ I called several pet insurance companies for quotes before deciding who to insure with.
Having worked in a veterinary practice, I had heard of some of the pit falls of different policies and had to be careful with the company I chose to ensure I got the right level cover.
When I spoke to Vetsure, they were incredibly helpful and explained the 3 lifelong policies in a straightforward and concise manner, all of my questions were answered in detail, leaving me in no uncertain terms of what I got … which is a great policy by the way!
Vetsure, were competitively priced, worked directly with my local practice, offered simple and easy to understand policies, all lifelong. Because my practice doesn’t have a health plan I opted for the cover and care, so I can keep Nettle up to date with all her flea, worming, vaccines and spread the cost monthly. Super convenient- it was like I was telling them what I wanted and needed!
It wasn’t long before puppy got into a stop of bother and I thought I was going to have to claim- Labradors are so greedy!! I contacted Vetsure just to ask what to do when I claim – I explained what had happened and the lovely lady on the phone couldn’t have been more reassuring and caring than if it was her own dog. By the time I had come off the phone, I was calmer, and what surprised me even more, the next time I rang – they remembered the incident (even though I didn’t need to claim) and asked how she had recovered….. NOW that’s customer service!!!
Thank you Vetsure from Nettle and I x


Labrador Retriever (Black)


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