Appalling, greedy, deceitful company


Only giving a rating of '1' as a minus score is not available. This is a truly disgusting company that is only interested in your money. Highest premiums, highest excess, ratchet up premiums despite no claims. They go out of their way to avoid settling claims. Absolutely awful customer service. Cancelled my pets insurance for no reason. Habitual liars. Probably their biggest lie is that nine out of ten vets recommend PetPlan. I doubt that very much. Look online at these vets who "recommend" Pet Plan. The wording on their websites is exactly the same every time! i.e. written by PetPlan marketing department. DO NOT INSURE WITH PET PLAN. You will regret it - particularly if your pet is unfortunate to develop a condition and you are locked into them for life. AVOID.


Domestic Medium Hair


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