shocked and appauled


My dog just tore his cruciate ligament, something the vets tell me is incredibly common. I've been paying for their top tier cover (upt to £6K in vet fees) for years and this would have been the first big claim - only to find they have a sneaky clause which caps the payout at £750. My current bill is north of £3.5K and I now have to stump up the difference.

They're preying on general public with technical clauses such as these. How is joe public supposed to know of these commonplace injuries which have such outlandish exclusions?


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Posted: 19/01/2018

I had the same problem with my Labrador. We are insured with Pet Protect and when he ruptured his Cruciate Ligament I contacted them with regard to a contribution towards this operation and I was shocked to find that £750 was the maximum.I have to say this just covered the X-Ray.
My vet was appalled that this was all they paid towards the claim, especially as this injury is fairly common to labs.How stupid of us!!!!!
We pay £81 a month.Their terms and conditions about this are not clear because it appears to say £750 for X-Ray and £750 for the operation!!