Really bad service & no communication


Really don't know where to start..I've been with petplan since 8 weeks old in 2013, with no problems at all I'm
a 4 year old Shih tzu chipped neutered male dog no illness or accidents.

My Premium just jumped up by £10.00 a month to £42.60!!
For a shih tzu! are you mad? or just taking the mickey?!

Thats 3x more than the house insurance,mobile phone & car tax all rolled into one..?!
I was told to simply either pay it, or get lesser cover. This would be for the amount you were paying before or cancel the policy..!!!

No email no snail mail, in fact no contact at all, just increase my premium by 14.5% without notice! just increase my direct debit without notice? don't think that's even allowed?!

The arrogance of this company is just beyond belief.
My advice would be to find a better policy at a lesser price with better customer care & perhaps some feelings wouldn't go amiss.

My disabled owner looks at me as part of the family, Petplan is a money making company who unless you agree with everything they do & say, then leave.

Three of my friends have now cancelled due to my treatment, perhaps you should consider leaving too?
I feel mistreated & robbed of my previous premiums which they took quite happily just so long as there is no chance of a claim . poor show Petplan insurance.


Shih Tzu


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