Rip Off Pet Insurance - DO NOT USE


I have just received a renewal policy quote for my Labrador (George). The premium has gone up in the last 2 years from £24 to £36 and now £54.76.

He has been diagnosed with epilepsy and as a result requires to take Epiphen daily at a monthly cost of £36, George is covered up to £4000 worth of costs which are paid in areas, we can only continue to claim providing we are still paying the insurance.

The increases have now meant the insurance claims are practically useless as we are now paying £30 more since his diagnosis. I've ran him through and Tesco are quoting £23.99 for exactly the same cover.

Clearly we are being penalised for claiming and the majority of Georges medication costs are being added back to my insurance cover.

I've contact Tesco's only to be told that, the increases are due to Georges increasing age (7) and vet charges increasing. If this is the case why can I still get the insurance online for the same original price prior to his condition?

This is nothing shocking of appalling treatment, they've taken my money for 7 years under false pretenses. They pay out then take the money back through increased premiums.

AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!!!!!!!!!!




Labrador Retriever (Yellow)


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