does not do what it says on the tin


I have been with this company for two years and only just made a claim for the removal of a lump off my pointer dexter's chest.
the underwriters will not pay out for the claim as they say it was a pre existing condition
yes it was a pre existing condition but it was first noted over 2 years before I had taken the insurance out and no treatment was ever given so I thought that I would be covered by the companies promise which they seem to sell their polices on.
I insured both my dogs with them at over £28 each per month I feel that I have been totally misled by their policy statements and ripped off
I also recommended them to two of my friends
I'm afraid I will have to consult with the financial ombudsman on this one




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Posted: 09/10/2017

Dear Mr Prince,

We are sorry to hear that you feel disappointed with this claims decision, however the fatty lump in question was first noted on your veterinary records in July 2015 and marked as 'steadily growing' and was therefore not symptom free. As this was the month prior to your policy inception, it is a Pre-Existing Condition and therefore, excluded from cover. The lump is further noted on your veterinary notes on several consultations with your vet throughout 2016 and 2017. Although you had not treated it for more than two years, it will not be covered by your policy, as it did not meet the criteria below, which is clearly stated in your Policy Document:

A condition will cease to be a pre-existing condition if:
a) Your Pet has fully recovered, leaving no susceptibility to future problems or underlying weakness and since that point;
b) Your Pet has not received any treatment for or in connection with the condition for a continuous period of 24 calendar months;
c) there are no symptoms or vet consultations relating to the condition for the previous 24 months.

We take our customer satisfaction extremely seriously and are very sorry that you leave us feeling unhappy but this decision is within the terms of your cover.

Kind regards,

Lifetime Pet Cover