I have submitted 3 claims for E&L all have been dealt with badly. No acknowledgement of claim and very lengthy waiting times. I had to argue one claim and escalate it until they finally paid. I have 2 current claims which I have had no update on dating back to July. I wish I had stuck with my previous insurer albeit more expensive. My advice - look elsewhere.


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Posted: 16/10/2017

I submitted a claim in August, received email confirmation from E&L on 24th August to say they had received it. The claim was small, my cat had a nasty cut on his leg and needed vet treatment, total I paid out was about £170 so thought I would get around £90 after excess. On 22nd September I emailed the company as I had heard nothing further and was told claims are dealt with in date order and they would be in touch when an assessor had looked at it. On 13th October received email from company saying that the lunar monthly premium was going up by over £3. I telephoned the company to say how disgusted I was with this and that my claim had still not been dealt with. I was passed to claims department who said that my claim had still not been looked at by an assessor after having it for seven weeks! I will not be renewing my insurance with this dreadful company. It is true to say that you do not know how good insurance is until you have to make a claim.