How are we to know!!


My dog was in pain when itook her to our vets, i was told she needed xrays to determine the problem which i agreed too, she was prescribed a painkiller and told she may need to see a neurologist for a back problem, cutting the story short she has had to have mri scan and surgery, i put my first claim in and they have questioned the charge of the painkiller and paid out £10 less i know this isnt much but its the principle, how is the pet owner to know if the cost of the drugs is over the average we would pay anything for our furry friends to be out of pain, i'm just waiting on the claim for the mri scan and surgery plus medication which was carried out at a vetinary hospital, lets see what they try to get out of paying now!!!!


English Bulldog


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Posted: 16/01/2018

Surely the problem here is how much your vet is charging? I think it's them you need to complain to! ASDA will pay up to 100% mark up on medication (which is in your policy wording) so clearly your vets are charging an extortionate mark up!