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Do not buy Pet Plan Policy - Ready to take your money. Poor Service and any reason to put an exclusion on a pets health. Just like others - it's only today I have received a policy document after buying the policy in January 2017. 9 months later!! I have had so many issues with Pet Plan I don't know where to start. It's been totally awful. It was advertised at the vet as being all singing and dancing - wish I had never changed from my previous pet insurance company. Like others my pets have exclusions for example because she vomited once - that now means that she has an exclusion of gastro-intestinal digestive system disorder. She's also
down as being a scavenger for which Pet Plan are asking to see a report from an approved behavioural therapist. :-( OMG - my poor cat could not be further from a scavenger. Don't waste your money on high monthly premiums and high excess with Pet Plan - all you will get is very poor service and exclusions on your animals policy. I would give the rating of zero if there was an option.


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Posted: 25/01/2018

I had similar problems with exclusions - my cat had an operation for swallowing something, so they excluded ALL GI conditions despite her being on a 'lifetime' policy. Only when I complained to regulators did they say they had removed it. Checked new documents and they hadn't - complained again. They are dishonest and don't care. My old vet recommended them. Vets should not be taking money to recommend these people.