I am absolutely furious with this company. My pet has a calcium deposit on his eye. They asked for a Full Clinical History. I sent the full report from his specialist eye vet in South Africa. They advised me this was fine. I then received a letter saying the policy is cancelled. When I phoned in I was told that a report from a specialist eye vet is not good enough! They want a full vet report. Please explain this one!!! Is an eye specialist not good enough? Both my dogs were brought in to England from South Africa in July and have full health clearances. Why are they singling out the one dog because he has an eye problem which will never affect his eye sight? The disgusting thing is that they don't phone you when there is a problem, they just post you a letter and leave all the work up to you. They obviously don't care whether you have insurance or not. I have been an Insurance Broker for over 40 years and have never allowed any of my staff to treat Clients like this!


Yorkshire Terrier


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