Had our two cats insured on an AF policy. One of them got seriously sick in the first weeks of us taking out the policy (our bad we should have started the policy before we got them) so we had to pay for the treatment ourselves. Fair enough.

Skip forward two years, and we take one of our cats in to the vet because he's having small seizures and we want to find out what's wrong with him. Vet highly recommends a neurological workup at a vet hospital which will cost 4k. Put the claim in with AF and they refuse to pay because they link it back to the original issue that he had when we first took the policy out stating that because one of the symptoms we brought him in for included seizures and ataxia (shaking) so therefore they don't have to pay. They also put a retrospective pre-existing condition on our policy to say any future illnesses/conditions which involve symptoms of seizures and ataxia will not be covered. Probably 50% of most illnesses that cats get involve these symptoms so he's basically un-insured for most conditions. Moved straight away to Bought By Many. Avoid them - they are just heartless money grabbers.


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