Rip Off, Waste of Money. Con Artists


Petplan are scam artists. They don't want to pay up when your pet is ill. All they want to do is make money out of us. The idiot customer service person I spoke to said that we can't pay all claims. The are gaslighting monsters who only care about taking your money and giving nothing in return. I do not trust this company. If your animal needs expensive treatment, you will be out of pocket as they will find a reason not to pay up. Vets are getting paid for pushing these money stealers on the public. I cancelled my policy with these fraudsters. Don't waste your money on them. Just put the money in a savings account. I do not like the way they support over vaccination. After they have stolen my money, I emailed them and they continually ignore your emails. They treat customers like dirt. Petplan just want to hold onto your money and pay staff to abuse the public. Everyone's non payment of claims money is being spent on paying staff who do not serve us. We are paying their rates, office rent, gas, electric. This is not good enough. They are a law unto themselves. Rules are made up to con us out of the money we should get. Petplan is not there for the benefit of animals.


Staffordshire Bull Terrier


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