Animal Friends are Cowboy Con Artists


I contacted them for information about my puppy collie 18 weeks old. Told them he had diarrea on the 14th day of insurance but took to vets on 16th day of insurance, they told me I couldn't make a claim for the testing of gi tract infection which was clear. thank god. But now they have put and exclusion on my policy for the digestive system. I told them this is harsh because that stops me from making any claims on illness if I needed to in the future. basically I'm only paying for broken bones by the sounds of it. That's if god forbid it happens, But then there would be an excuse not to pay out I bet. wish I never started the policy now. I was told that I could submit a claim if its liver or anything but it would be at their discretion whether they paid out or not. Total B0ll0cks, Shame on them conning people of their money and loved ones!!!


Border Collie


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