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I had found a great quote from Argos for my pup and called and told Argos that I was keen to go with them but first REQUESTED further terms and conditions by email as the ones listed on their website were limitied. Apparantly this required me to run through the whole course of questions asked of me to receive a quote. Upon getting through that, I was asked "what can i do for you today"? I requested again and after waiting a few days, I called back, this time I was just required to provide security answers to find out what happened to my email of t&cs. I was informed that this is only sent in the mail as not available by any other means. I was told the paperwork had been sent. I waited a further week and only on the day the plan was due to start (had i taken it out), did the T&Cs arrive in the post, being 1st Sept. I then checked reviews as alarm bells ringing. I have opted for John Lew I called to pay but couldnt understand the terms I was being told over the phone which I'm sure are ok but the fact that the lady had to repeat one term 3 times and im still none the wiser, made me change my mind. Think she just spoke too fast and it all seemed very impersonal and rushed. I didnt proceed and now have insurance with John Lewis as they have the best reviews, not far off from Argos but if customer service is that below par in sales, it's likely to be worse in claims.


Golden Retriever


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