Rip off


I have life time cover for my dog who has just turned 3 years old. Last year we made a claim (£550) as our dog had gastroenteritis. The policy last year cost £210 this year £330. I could not believe it. I went onto a comparison website and was quoted approx £18 per month with Asda. I asked them to match the price but they said they couldn't. Like other reviews mention, once you've made a claim and you were to change companies you would not be covered for this pre-existing condition. To me gastroenteritis should not be listed as a pre existing condition as it is something anyone can get at any time. If my dog was diagnosed with diabetes or heart condition I could understand. I also have another dog and cat insurance with them. I have decided not to review these and instead save the money. I am also going to make enquiries about cancelling this policy


Cocker Spaniel


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