No problem with claiming but high premiums


I have a 12 year old bitch Labrador. I have had her since age 3 and always been with Sainsburys. I have been so lucky with her absolutely nothing wrong until the arthritis really got bad last year, and she has been on medication since. I have gradually seen my premiums go up even without any claims, but now the payments are £84 per month Although I do get it back in the cost of the medication. It feels a massive hike in price for just for one year of increased ill health for my dog. I am stuck now as no one else will insure her. But on the other hand they are prompt paying and without fuss. I give a four overall rating because of the customer care, and take off one as the price for that is a lot.


Labrador Retriever (Black)


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Posted: 20/02/2018

What a load of bulls***they will wrigger there way out of anything modern day highwaymen