I cannot believe how misled I have been by this company. Foolishly, I considered the Kennel Club to be reputable, but how wrong I was. The salesman I dealt with was aggressive and hard sell in procuring my business and I actually felt compromised and somewhat threatened by him during his sales pitch – this should have been a warning, but I thought ‘no, this is the Kennel Club – they’ve got to be reputable’ – wrong! The salesman told me the policy would be £151 and that Kennel Club were categorically cheaper than Petplan, which is not strictly true – what he should have said, had he been honest, would have been ‘we will put your excess to such a ridiculous level that we will be cheaper than Petplan’. My excess was set at £160 with a further 10% excess. This will mean that should my bill be £360, the first £160 is paid by me and the £200 remaining will have a further 10% taken off, meaning that I will get £180. My vet cannot believe how extortionate the excess is and said in all her years of being a vet, she had NEVER seen such a high excess. As per other reviews, no mention of the excess or this bizarre ‘percentage excess’ was made to me by the salesman when setting up the policy. Despite telephoning them to try a (politely) resolve this, I found them to be condescending, patronising and very quick to point out that I am stuck with them now for the duration of the policy. I asked for a call back from their Customer Services and, unsurprisingly, this hasn’t materialised either. This is a cowboy outfit, avoid them at all costs.


Lhasa Apso


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Posted: 08/01/2018

By law you can request the recording of the call this as the basis of your contract. T hey are not allowed to mislead you I'm sure the ombudsman would be very interested if this is the case. As someone. Who has worked in pet insurance we certainly were not allowed to name our competitors and had very strict script that we had to follow for compliance we had to clearly explain excess and at what age the % would be added as it was different for different breeds and to explain exactly what that would mean in the event of the claim, yes we often offered a higher excess to reduce policy costs but never without fully explaining or we would have been sacked