Disgusted with Animal friends


having paid my policy with Animal friends religiously for 8 years, my cocker spaniel had to go in for emergency tests, my policy said I was covered for £1000.00 for emergency treatment, the tests found she had a tumour and we had to have her put down, total cost £970.00 Animal friends said we were not entitled to anything as she had a wart removed 3 years previously so therefore we were not covered for warts growths tumours etc, the vet even backed us up and said the tumour was not related to the wart, even so Animal friends refused to give us a penny, they may be animal friends but they are definitely not friends of people who pay them money.


Cocker Spaniel


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Posted: 13/07/2017

I'm having the same war with them at the moment! My pet was diagnosed with Auto Immune Disease and they are trying to say it is linked to a previous skin condition!! I'm fuming!!The vet bill was £3,000!!

Posted: 31/07/2017

I had an issue claiming for my cat but after a complaint against them in the form of a formal letter explaining why they were wrong it was quickly overdrawn and I had a BACS payment take it further with them I think they like to see who will roll over for them and pay!!