Avoid like the plague


In January my 16 week old American Bulldog at the time had a bad case of roundworms and was vomiting. This was treated and cleared up by the vet. We took out a policy with AF and informed them upfront of a condition with his front legs (being honest as you do) but they wanted to see his medical history. From this they found the word vomiting and put any claims for the digestive system as an exclusion on the policy! My dog now 7 months old has since had to have an x-ray and endoscopy as we believed he had swallowed something he shouldn't have (a foreign body), totally unrelated to his digestive system as it shouldn't have been there. I have today been informed they have rejected my claim due to the exclusion. An absolute joke. I have made a complaint and will be cancelling if they do not consider the situation looking at the full picture instead of just picking out what they want from it and making up ridiculous exclusions. From reading all the reviews on here, it seems I am not the only one!


American Bulldog


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