Extortionate Price Increases - Avoid


I have just received my Sainsbury's pet insurance renewal for my dog which has increased from £480.96 to £714.34! The reasons given by Sainburys were due to increases in vet's fees, an increase from 10 to 12% in insurance tax and the fact that my dog is now 7 years old. She has a pre-existing skin condition but have made only one relatively small claim in the past year, so do not feel this is justified and intend to cancel and save the equivalent monthly payment to cover potential costs. I feel they have taken advantage of customer loyalty and the knowledge that once your pet has a pre-existing condition you are pretty stuffed if you want to find cover elsewhere. I feel totally let down by Sainsbury's and advise potential customers to avoid Sainsbury's pet insurance completely given this behaviour


-- Mixed Breed (weight when full grown) --


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