Very helpful and competitive price


I have just moved to this company as our previous insurers increased our premium by over £250 to just shy of £1,800 per year. Our dogs are only four and five and so I'll let you do the maths as to what the premiums might have been when they reached nine and ten! As we had been with our previous insurers since they were puppies it came as a shock when trying to find alternative cover that so many insurers would not provide a five year and two month old dog with a decent lifetime policy, even though he is very healthy and always has been. Having looked at the reviews for various companies I was very worried as the reviews weren't great. Then I came across Lifetime Pet Cover on this site and found they would insure both our dogs on lifetime policies at £10,000 each per annum. A lot of companies were only offering £2-4,000 per annum due to our eldest being over five. Not ideal for a large German Shepherd. The quote was very competitive and the chap I spoke to very helpful. I cannot comment on the claims process but so far I have found their service very good.


German Shepherd



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