hope its as good as it looks


i decided yesterday when i got my renewal from my previous ins co who i have been with for "years" it had gone up to £332 ,,,i think it was £39 monthly which i think is just extortionate,, i know everybody wants to make a "butty" these days but ripping people off in the process is just not on, i rang up and asked if they could reduce the price,, apparently that was the best price they could do for my 7 year old lhasa apso. so i ended our "relationship" and had a look round, contemplating whether to get another ins or go down the credit card route if i needed to pay a large bill..quite by accident i came across this company and was pleasantly surprised by the quote, which worked out at £19 monthly.. a good fair price..to make sure it was a good company because i am not a spring chicken and like to be certain of things , i actually messaged a person that was in one of the reviews to check it was a legitimate review and whether he would recommend the company,, he replied quickly and said without a doubt he would ,as they were very very good with a claim he put in for his pup,,and he had no problems , they were very helpful, so yes hopefully this will be a very good move, (sorry its a long review)


Lhasa Apso


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