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Have been with morethan for nearly 11 years with dog and cat insurance even though the premium kept going up each year. Only made 3 claims for the dog which was allergies related decided to exclude them from the policy and brought the premium down nearly half. My dog had a haemotoma in her ear, I phoned and asked if I could claim and was told yes, as long as it's not allergy related. I told them it wasn't. I put claim in and was declined because they said it was down to her allergies even though my vets said it wasn't. morethan vets said it was. Well, for a start they don't know my dog and haven't treated her either, so why go above my vet who treated her? They didn't even phone to talk to me to discuss it even though I'm the policy holder. I made a complaint and got declined again saying my vet had said they couldn't say if it was allergy related or not. After they sent an email to say not related, Morethan told me I could get 2 months premium payed back while i was waiting for the decision to be made, which I'm still waiting for. I'm absolutely fuming, they even sent me an email which I asked for, showing my vet had emailed them explaining it was not to do with allergies. They had also emailed me someone else's details of their pet and policy number. I have a good mind to phone the owners and tell them. I would not go near them. They do anything to get out of paying even after being with them all that time and all the money I have payed over the years to them. They don't even care. I've gone to the ombudsman now. I definitely would not recommend.


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